Octopath Traveler arrives on PlayStation, Xbox and Game Pass

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Famous for its pixel art RPG style, Octopath Traveler is released for PlayStation. The series also arrive at Xbox consoles and is available on Game Pass!

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Square Enix announced, this Wednesday (5), the launch of its 2D RPG series Octopath Traveler for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The first game in the franchise arrives on PS4 and PS5, while both titles are available on Xbox Series and Xbox One and also on the Game Pass.

Image: Square Enix
Image: Square Enix

It is the first time that both games are on all current platforms and consoles. To celebrate the launch, Team Asano has released a free update to Octopath Traveler II with the Extra Battle mode, available after completing the last chapter, which allows players to test their skills against newly added strong opponents – including main characters from the first game.


Released in 2018, Octopath Traveler became known for its HD-2D art style, where it mixes 2D character designs with 3D worlds. Both games are a standalone experience set in different worlds with eight distinct main characters, each with their own stories to explore and follow their own paths, leading the journey depending on whom the player chooses to play with.

Source: Square Enix