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Baldur's Gate 3: Everything about Multiplayer & Coop!

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Find out everything about Baldur’s Gate 3 multiplayer mode! Find out how it works, its game modes and how to further improve your experience with some recommended mods!

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Baldur’s Gate 3 was certainly one of the best titles to come out in 2023. With an extensive campaign, perfect gameplay for D&D lovers and various possible choices, all of which made it earn the TGA's Game of The Year.

But in addition to enjoying all of this by playing single-player, Baldur’s Gate allows you to live this entire experience with your best friends or even new friends. Find out now how its online modes work and which mods we recommend to further increase its possibilities!


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Random Multiplayer

In this mode, you will be allowed to join another random player's campaign already in progress, or vice versa. To play in this game mode, simply keep the participation option active in the multiplayer configuration menu. This way, those who join another player's campaign will control one of the match host's companions.

The host can also assign which companions the person who joined the group will control, in addition to remaining responsible for dialogue choices, while the other members will only be able to see what is happening.

People who just want to join others and enjoy a game without commitment will make the most of this mode.

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Multiplayer from the Start

Probably the most popular multiplayer game mode in Baldur’s Gate 3. In it, you invite three friends or fewer to start a campaign from the beginning, with each one creating their own character, with all available races and classes. In this type of experience, you commonly see people arranging times to play, specific days of the week, the same as playing a real D&D RPG table.

If one of the players cannot participate in a match, another can take control of the absent player's character, continuing the story. Unlike an in-person D&D table, a player quitting the game or missing a session will not harm the rest of the party.

Each person in the group can move around and choose their own dialogue paths, affecting everything for themselves and the other party members. However, everyone can see these choice options and vote on which one they would like to be selected.

Although the player who initiated the dialogue sees the most voted options, they don't necessarily need to select it, leaving them free to make their own decisions. If whoever initiates the dialogue prefers not to give room for voting, they can make an independent choice, further increasing the dramatization, and thus creating a true Role Play.

For those looking for an experience that resembles a D&D tabletop campaign where players make their own decisions and thus generate the most unusual situations as possible, this is the ideal mode for you.

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Combat System

Just like in single-player mode, the game follows the same rules as D&D fifth edition.

At the start of combat, all players and enemies roll initiative, and the highest values will have their actions taken first. While another player is playing, the others can plan what they intend to do on their respective turns, such as walking, taking an action and bonus action. After the player ends their turn, it is passed to the next and so on.

Another interesting mechanic is that players, when their turns are close, can combine moves to make combat more fluid, for example: your colleague in the last turn uses a spell that dips all enemies in oil so that now, in your turn, can you pulverize everyone with a gigantic fireball or even a torch from the stage? Or better yet, why not have your barbarian friend move your dwarf character closer to the enemies, saving you from having to walk on your turn! (although not in the least painful manner).


Combine your spells, make planned moves, surround your enemies and above all, hope for good dice rolls!

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The other modes explained previously were about online, but going back to the roots of old games, Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to play with a single copy of the game by sharing the screen with a local friend. Another way to take advantage of this feature is by using programs like Parsec or even Steam remote access, so one more friend can play using just one copy of the game.

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For those who are already playing in single-player mode or are about to start a multiplayer campaign and want to increase the possibilities, we have selected a list of some mods that can further improve your gaming experience!


Before installing mods to your game, always make a backup of your save to avoid corruption!

Mod Fixer

This mod, as the name suggests, works to make other installed mods work properly and avoid conflicts or crashes.

Party Limit Begone

This is one of the best mods for multiplayer, and is also functional for single-player mode. It will allow the party to be expanded to eight characters in online and 16 characters in single-player!

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Level 20 (Multiclass)

This mod will allow characters to reach level 20, allowing for the possibility of multiclasses and not just a level 12 class.

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Fantastical Multiverse

With this mod, a total of 15 fantastic races will be added to the Fifth Edition D&D game.

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With thousands of campaign possibilities, mods that increase more possibilities for PC players, online modes for four to eight players (through mods), Baldur's Gate 3 will be a game that will last for many years, just as Skyrim still lives thanks to its active community.

Start your campaign today with your friends and tell us in the comments what your party is like and what the most unusual things have happened to you in an in-person RPG match or in Baldur’s Gate 3 itself!

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