Fallout: The Lore behind one of the greatest RPG franchises!

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Discover the Lore behind the main games of the biggest post-nuclear apocalypse RPG franchise: Fallout!

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In games, movies and books, it is common to come across scenarios that portray the end of the world through different means: zombie apocalypse, religious, alien invasions, dystopian futures through cyber technology (cyberpunk), other scenarios where steam engines have changed the way humans deal with the world (steampunk), and one of the most common and most terrifying: the nuclear apocalypse.


Fallout is a franchise that emerged in 1997, produced by Interplay and owned by Bethesda since 2008, focused on being an RPG that takes place in the 22nd and 23rd centuries, where after the explosion of nuclear warheads, the surface is taken to several areas due to radiation, beings that have undergone mutation, people who are unaware of what is happening, as they still live isolated in Vaults and conflicts involving remaining organizations.

Check out a summary of the history of each of the main games in the series now!

Industrial Revolution and the Start of Everything

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The plot unfolds in an alternative world after the Third Industrial Revolution, characterized by significant advances in nuclear technology from the 1950s onwards. The persistence of the Cold War between the United States and China leads to a Third World War in 2077, resulting in a nuclear cataclysm. To protect themselves, the powers built Vaults to house the population, however, many of these refuges were stages for cruel experiments.

After the bombs fell in 2077, what we knew as the civilized world ended. Many people managed to escape to the Vaults, but others had to make do to live on the surface, having almost everything destroyed and suffering genetic mutation thanks to the radiation from the bombs.

After hundreds of years, people began returning to the surface to try to rebuild civilization, a rather troublesome task in a post-apocalyptic Earth. Settlements were built and people began to live lives somewhat similar to those before 2077.

We can note that the entire aesthetic of the world of Fallout can be high technology, such as robots that do domestic tasks such as clothing, music and other equipment from the 50s, the culture has remained from that time, and it is common to even find tube televisions.

Fallout 1

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The world is in 2161, taking place in what we now know as the southern region of California, where Vault 13 is located. The water purification chip has a defect and if it is not fixed, within 150 days, all the people in the Vault will die of thirst.

The story begins with the protagonist, known as the Vault Dweller, tasked with finding a new water purification chip to ensure the survival of his Vault.

Our protagonist receives a Pip-Boy, a type of watch capable of storing various information and with other functions such as a map and even a radiation meter, and a defense system to cross the desert and seek help in Vault 15, the closest able to help in this situation.

While exploring the radioactive desert, the Vault Dweller discovers the existence of Super Mutants, hostile beings created by an entity called the Master. The initial mission to find the chip evolves into the search and interruption of the Master's plans, which intends to transform all of humanity into Super Mutants.


The climax occurs when the Vault Dweller faces the Master, given the option of convincing him to give up his plans or defeating him. After the conflict is resolved, the Vault Dweller is exiled from Vault 13, as his presence is seen as a threat to the community.

The game ends with the protagonist walking towards the horizon in the desert, reflecting on his actions and the devastated world around him. Exile marks the beginning of a lonely and uncertain journey to the Vault Dweller.

Fallout 2

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Fallout 2 takes place 80 years after the events of the first game, in a post-apocalyptic world where communities try to rebuild society. The protagonist, known as the Chosen One, is a direct descendant of the Vault Dweller from the first game who lives in a village called Arroyo.

The story begins when the village faces a resource crisis, and the community elder sends the Chosen One on a quest to find the GECK, a tool capable of transforming desolate areas into fertile land. During the journey, the Chosen One discovers that the village has been attacked by the Enclave, a remnant faction of the pre-war government.

When searching for the GECK, the Chosen One comes across a more complex plot, involving covering political conspiracies, genetic experiments and the Enclave's attempt to exterminate all humans mutated by radiation. He discovers that the kidnapped inhabitants of his village were used as guinea pigs in experiments with FEV (Forced Evolution Virus).

When facing challenges, such as the Enclave and corruption in New Reno, the Chosen One gathers allies, such as Marcus, a supermutant, and Cassidy, a traveling companion. The climax occurs when the Chosen One confronts the president of the Enclave, destroying his oil rig base and thwarting his genetic purification plans.

The game ends with the death of the Enclave president, the destruction of its base, and the victory of the Chosen One. The protagonist returns to Arroyo, where he is hailed as a hero, but his journey continues, leaving the fate of the post-apocalyptic world open.

Fallout 3

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Fallout 3 takes place in the year 2277, approximately 200 years after the nuclear war that devastated the world. The protagonist, known as the Lone Wanderer, is born and grows up in Vault 101, located near Washington, D.C.

The story begins when the hero's father, James, suddenly leaves the Vault, triggering a series of events. The protagonist decides to follow in his father's footsteps and sets out searching for him, facing the dangers of the post-apocalyptic desert.

Along the journey, he discovers a plot involving purified water from the Purity Project, led by his father, and the search for a place called the Institute. He finds allies such as Dogmeat, a companion dog, and characters such as Three Dog, the Galaxy News Radio DJ.

The climax occurs when the Wanderer arrives at the Institute, where his father was working to create a machine that would purify the region's water. The story culminates in a significant choice, where he must decide how to use the Purity Project, affecting not only the region's water, but also the protagonist's fate.


The game ends with the Wanderer being hailed as a hero or villain, depending on his choices throughout the narrative.

Fallout New Vegas

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Fallout: New Vegas is set in 2281, in the post-apocalyptic desert of the southwestern United States, around the Las Vegas area and the Hoover Dam. The protagonist, known as the Courier, is hired to deliver a mysterious package to the city of New Vegas, but is attacked and left to die in the desert.

The Courier survives and sets out on a journey to find out who tried to kill him and why. Along the way, he becomes involved in a complex political plot between several factions vying for control of the region, including the New California Republic, Caesar's Legion, the House, and the New Vegas Mafia.

The story unfolds with the Courier seeking revenge, discovering secrets from his own past and deciding the fate of New Vegas, culminating in the Battle of Hoover Dam, where rival factions dispute control of the energy sources.

The game offers multiple endings based on the player's choices throughout the story, allowing for a wide variety of outcomes. Fallout: New Vegas explores themes of power, politics and morality in a post-apocalyptic world, providing an experience rich in consequences and impactful decisions.

Fallout 4

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Fallout 4 takes place in the year 2287, more than a decade after the events of Fallout 3, and is set in the Commonwealth region, around the city of Boston. The protagonist, known as the Sole Survivor, is a pre-War citizen who emerges from Vault 111 after a period of cryogenics.

The story begins when the Survivor witnesses the death of his spouse and the kidnapping of his baby son, Shaun, by a mysterious group of individuals. The Survivor then goes on a journey to find his son and discover the truth behind the incident.

Along the way, the protagonist joins the organization called Railroad, which seeks to free and protect androids, known as Synthetics. He also encounters the Brotherhood of Steel, a powerful military faction with high technology, and the Institute, a secret organization that creates synthetics.

The plot reveals that the Survivor's son, Shaun, is now the leader of the Institute, known as the Director, and is controlling technology that could drastically impact the future of the Commonwealth. The player is faced with difficult moral choices as they decide the fate of the factions and the future of the region.

The end of the game varies depending on the alliances made, and the decisions made throughout the narrative. Fallout 4 addresses themes of identity, morality and the consequences of technological advancement in a post-apocalyptic world.


Fallout is the biggest RPG franchise set in a nuclear post-apocalyptic world. Since its first game in 1997, it has offered different endings to players depending on their decisions, something that greatly promotes immersion and always makes games unique and fun.


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