Elden Ring: The Lore Behind This Universe

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Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin immerse players in a vast, interconnected world filled with mysteries, intense combat and epic storytelling. In this article, we begin our journey on the lore behind Elden Ring!

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Welcome, Tarnished!

Elden Ring was the 2022 Game of the Year, and even after more than a year of its release, it continues to attract new fans and players. In addition to its beautiful graphics, fluid gameplay and epic combat, it has a complex, extensive plot with a proposal to be told outside the usual methods.

Having its narrative explored through NPC dialogue, item descriptions and even details in the setting, many players fail to know the grandeur and beauty behind its story. To help you get to know this wonderful universe, we developed this article series.


In the first episode, we delve into the events that predict the game's beginning

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The Greater Will

The narrative of Elden Ring takes place in the vast Lands Between, divided into six kingdoms under the rule of gods, some benevolent, others corrupt. In addition to these local deities, the presence of the Greater Will stands out, a transcendental entity that plays a fundamental role in history.

The Greater Will, seeking to combat corruption in the Lands Between, created a powerful source of energy known as the Elden Ring. This ring distributes the grace of the Greater Will through the Erdtree. The Elden Ring was forged by the Greater Will itself, using the power of a cosmic creature called the Elden Star.

Marika, a woman of the Numen race, was chosen by the Greater Will to be its representative and leader in that kingdom. Gifted with the responsibility of bearing the Elden Ring, Marika led a campaign known as the Golden Order, spreading the grace of the Greater Will in the Lands Between.

Before its intervention, the Lands Between were ruled by the Outer Gods. These deities were venerated by races that inhabited the region before the Greater Will's arrival, such as Fire Giants, dragons and Stoneskin beings. Each of them had their direct representatives, known as Elden Lords.

Marika led the forces of the Greater Will into battles against these entities and their proxies, emerging victorious. However, she wasn't alone in this endeavor, as she counted on her other half, Radagon. The Greater Will split Marika's body in two, with her being the female leader and Radagon being her male counterpart and right-hand man.

With conquest in battle, Marika ascended to the title of Queen Marika the Eternal, spreading the grace of the Greater Will through the power of the Elden Ring and the Erdtree. To ensure the maintenance of the order established by the Will, a creature known as Two Fingers plays a crucial role in the unfolding of the Tarnished story. Through the Two Fingers, order and protection of the Tree are maintained, while demi-gods are created to strengthen the stability in the Lands Between.

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The First Tarnished

Marika's Reign was marked by a remarkable campaign, with crucial assistance from a powerful warrior named Hoarah Loux. Together, Marika and Hoarah Loux triumphed in great battles, expanding the spread of the Greater Will's grace. One of the highlighted conquests occurred in the Mountaintop of Giants, where Hoarah Loux, demonstrating her superiority, gained control over the area, providing Marika with access to the Forge of the Giants, the only one capable of burning the Erdtree.

The close bond between Marika and Hoarah Loux evolved into a loving relationship, resulting in this warrior's transformation into the first Elden Lord of the Greater Will, now known as Godfrey, after receiving part of the power of Marika's Elden Ring.


The couple had three children: Godwyn, Morgott and Mohg. However, the latter two were born with the Omen Curse, developing horns on their bodies, relegating them to the depths of the Lands Between, while Godwyn became the favored son.

At the same time, Radagon, another part of Marika, led the Golden Order in battles for domination of the Intermediate Lands. During an attack against the Liurnia Kingdom, Radagon and Queen Rennala, leader of the kingdom, fell in love and married, siring three children: Ranni, Radahn and Rykard.

After achieving the position of Elden Lord, Godfrey, formerly Hoarah Loux, fell into a deep depression, failing to spread the Greater Will throughout the Lands Between. Exiled by Marika, he became the first Tarnished. This event triggered The Long March, marked by the significant emergence of the Tarnished, all expelled from the Lands Between.

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The Cursed Daughters

Marika's Reign, without ¥Godfrey, took a turn that involved forcibly summoning Radagon back to the Lands Between, leaving behind his wife, Rennala. With the need for a King to father legitimate children and spread the Greater Will's grace after Godfrey's exile, Marika had no choice but to turn to Radagon, who was summoned back to marry her.

Before leaving, Radagon left a portion of his power in an amber egg with Rennala. Upon returning, Radagon married Marika, becoming the second Elden Lord. The couple had twins, Malenia and Miquella, however, both were born cursed. Malenia, carrier of the Scarlet Rot, a curse that gradually deteriorates her own body, and Miquella, cursed with eternal youth, perpetually remaining in a child's body.

The twins sought a way to free themselves from their curses, finding hope in a sacred tree. Miquella fused her soul with this tree in a deep sleep, hoping to be reborn without the curse and without the Greater Will's influence. Malenia remained at her brother's side, awaiting his awakening and healing.

In addition to the curses, the twins were chosen to be Empyreans, considered worthy of succeeding Marika as sovereign in the Lands Between. The reason a being is considered an Empyrean is not entirely clear. Theory suggests that Empyreans must be born of a single god, but Ranni, daughter of Radagon and Rennala, was also chosen as Empyrean by the Two Fingers, challenging this theory.

Each Empyrean was assigned a Shadow, originating from the Great Will or the Two Fingers, to accompany and protect them. Malenia and Miquella have their own shadows, whose identities are still unknown. The Shadows serve the Two Fingers to ensure that the Empyreans follow the Greater Will's orders, and can be used to force loyalty if one of them turns against the entity.

Marika, despite not having the full trust of the Greater Will, entrusted the Rune of Death to her brother and Shadow, Maliketh. The power of the Elden Ring gives Marika the ability to control virtually all existence in the realms blessed by the Greater Will, including life and death. By removing the rune from the Elden Ring and giving it to Maliketh, Marika became immortal and made it a weapon capable of killing any god.


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Night of Black Knives

The Night of Black Knives marked a pivotal point in the history of the Between Lands, beginning with the Greater Will's selection of three Empyreans: Malenia, Miquella, and Ranni. Of these, Ranni was destined to succeed Marika and rule the Lands Between, but her loyalty lay not with the Greater Will, but rather with the Moon Goddess, following in the footsteps of her mother, Rennala.

Ranni, determined to escape her role as Empyrean, joined the Black Knives, a faction made up of women from the lands of Numen, Marika's homeland. Together, they plotted to steal shards from the Rune of Death to become capable of killing deities. This attempt culminated in the Night of Black Knives, when they stormed Marika's castle.

During the battle, the Black Knives confronted Godwyn, resulting in Ranni using the Rune on both of them. Godwyn ended up dead in spirit, his body preserved as an undead, now known as the Prince of Death. Ranni's betrayal of the Greater Will provoked the mobilization of the Two Fingers to kill her, but her Shadow, Blaidd, also betrayed the entity, swearing loyalty to Ranni.

Godwyn's body, collected by the Tree, came into contact with its roots, generating an infection that gave rise to the undead and transformed part of the roots into Deathroots. Maliketh, feeling ashamed for allowing the Rune of Death to be stolen, fused the rest of the rune with himself, transforming into Gurranq, a creature thirsty for death and destruction.

Ranni, when using the Rune, died preserving her spirit. Her Empyrean Body was replaced by a doll, breaking away from the Two Fingers and the Greater Will.

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A New Opportunity

After Godwyn's death, Marika lost the trust of the Greater Will and sought to free herself from its influence, resulting in a direct conflict with Radagon, faithful to the entity. Marika made a drastic decision, breaking the Elden Ring. Radagon's attempts to repair the damage were in vain, transforming the fragments into Great Runes.

The Greater Will was furious, punishing Marika and Radagon. Marika, immortal for removing the Rune of Death was merged back with Radagon and imprisoned in the Erdtree as punishment for her betrayal. With Marika out of power, the Lands Between were plunged into great wars to decide its new ruler.

Malenia and Rennala's children led battlefronts, with Rykard merging with a Snake God and Morgott occupying territory in Leyndell. Malenia, unlike Miquella, who sealed herself in the sacred tree, participated in the wars, facing General Radahn and cursing him with the Scarlet Rot.

While Mohg attacked the sacred tree and kidnapped Miquella in an attempt to turn him into an Elden Lord, Malenia and Radahn continued their inconclusive fight. Mohg failed in his attempt, leaving Miquella asleep. Miquella seeks to free himself from the curse and, upon awakening, intends to have Malenia as Elden Lord, not Mohg.


Devastating battles, including Malenia's blinding by the Scarlet Rot, have resulted in a desolate and dangerous landscape in the Lands Between. The absence of a new ruler chosen by the Greater Will has transformed what was once a prosperous place blessed by the Elden Ring into a ruined land full of challenges.

The Lands Between's story remained like this for a long period, until the Greater Will, through the Two Fingers, decided to give the Tarnished a new opportunity. They were blessed to return to the lands and reestablish the Golden Order, becoming Elden Lords.

It is after all these events that the game's story will begin, with the creation of our character making their own decisions and paths through the Lands Between, but what outcome will this lead to?

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This was just the introduction to Elden Ring lore, with details that end up going unnoticed by many players. But did you already know this part of the story? Are you interested in knowing more about each of the Elden Lords, the Shadows and other characters from this epic universe?

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