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Final Fantasy: The Best Romances of the Series

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Final Fantasy is a series known for its iconic romances and striking narratives of love and tragedy surrounding them. In this article, we present the best romances in the franchise!

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Since past times, “love” has been portrayed in art as an enigmatic and intense feeling, studied and interpreted in different aspects and symbolism. Love is transformation, and as such, it is shaped as generations and cultures change their social habits.

Its excitement, mystery and drive are commonly portrayed in fiction in the form of romances - a narrative where characters develop and explore deep feelings for others, be they attraction or platonic.

Romance has become an essential part of countless plots in dramaturgy, literature, cinema and, of course, also in the video games, where we can follow the deepening of the relationship between two characters, or even actively participate in their building, while shaping the journey of our hero or heroine.


Despite not fitting into the second case, the Final Fantasy franchise is widely known for its long repertoire of romances starring striking characters and moving stories. Whether platonic or just symbolic, the series manages to portray love through beauty, simplicity, and the tragedy around them, and in this Valentine's Day celebration article, we separate the best romances in the franchise!

The Best Romances in Final Fantasy

Unlike other Um Gamer list articles, this one will not have a specific ranking and/or position to define which one is the best in the series. The concept of love is highly subjective, and each person interprets romantic relationships differently, based on their experience and the culture in which they live.

The couples that made it to this list are the most striking relationships the series has ever delivered, with some of the best dynamics, characters, development and lessons that we can learn through them, whether about support, loss or even the consequence of our attitudes.

Cecil and Rosa (Final Fantasy IV)

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Cecil and Rosa were the first romance between two playable characters in the franchise and, perhaps, this theme would not be so recurrent in the series if they hadn't been so well received at the time.

Their relationship is a key to the urgency of several events in Final Fantasy IV and for Cecil's personal development on his journey. Together, they deliver a classic medieval fantasy tale where love, rivalry and benevolence intertwine in a plot full of twists and surprises, with an outcome that warms the hearts of fans to this day.

Noctis and Lunafreya (Final Fantasy XV)

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Noctis and Lunafreya form the main romance of Final Fantasy XV, whose role in the plot and their relationship intertwine with the protagonist's destiny. He is the king chosen to free the world from darkness, and she is the oracle destined to commune with the gods and guide Noctis to his fate.

Both knew each other as children and possibly fell in love at the same time, but the imperial invasion separated them for 12 years, during which they communicated through letters until a marriage between them was arranged by the Empire to hide their nefarious plans.

Noctis and Lura's relationship solidified after the various updates that Final Fantasy XV went through. It is beautiful, melancholic and has so much symbolism and twists that it becomes an emotional rollercoaster for players to follow.

Dion & Terence (Final Fantasy XVI)

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Although there are other cases between the lines in other mainline games, Dion and Terence are the first queer couple in the series, or more specifically, the first to feature a kiss in a mainline game.

According to the Ultimania, Dion and Terence met when they were young and became inseparable. With Dion's rapid rise as Bahamut's Dominant, Terence had to work hard to keep up with him in the chain of command until their romance blossomed many years later.


Unfortunately, these events occur off-screen and aren't mentioned anywhere in Final Fantasy XVI. But the few sequences we have of Dion and Terence together demonstrate two people with genuine feelings for each other, surrounded by trust, affection and the notorious conflict between their love and the sense of duty for Dion as the plot unfolds.

Dion and Terence's romance is also an important milestone for the Final Fantasy series and opens up for more diverse expressions of love, being a huge step forward from the most recent main title in the franchise.

Zidane & Garnet (Final Fantasy IX)

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Zidane and Garnet are the typical unlikely romance that every medieval fantasy story can have. Final Fantasy IX begins with a simple premise between a group of thieves hired to kidnap a princess and, to their surprise, a princess who wants to be kidnapped to get to their contractor.

Their relationship is telegraphed since their first meeting, but their different perceptions of reality are what it makes it interesting to follow their development. Zidane and Garnet support each other in overcoming their most enduring obstacles and mature in the process.

It is through the adventures to Lindblum and Zidane's encouragement that Garnet goes from a princess who knew nothing about the dangers of the world outside Alexandria's walls to becoming determined and strong enough to protect her kingdom. On the other hand, it is through his fateful encounter with Garnet that Zidane learns more about loyalty, empathy and his ability to do anything to help someone.

Zidane and Garnet are a great example of a relationship that gains substance as they both explore the world, with dilemmas that fit into Final Fantasy IX's themeslink outside website, its reflection on the limitations of our finite time, and the importance of memory and the bonds we cultivate while we are alive.

Locke & Celes (Final Fantasy VI)

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Final Fantasy VI's plot is noticeably more mature than that of its predecessors and some of its successors, and this maturity is also reflected in how relationships are approached in the game, especially with Locke and Celes.

Both don't become a couple despite the evident reciprocity between their feelings and the signs left by the story, and there is a clear and very consistent reason for this: Locke and Celes are two people who have experienced emotionally devastating events in their lives, which are fundamental for both to heal themselves before giving in to new feelings.

Unlike other romances in the series, they don't seem “made for each other” nor dependent on the other for their personal development, but must overcome their own ghosts and burdens to have the opportunity to get closer to a relationship, being a great reflection on the maturity necessary for love in difficult times.


Clive & Jill (Final Fantasy XVI)

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The passion between childhood friends who reunite is a recurring theme in the franchise, but Clive and Jill stand out for the way they represent a beacon of hope and freedom for each other in a desolate world. Both were enslaved until their fateful reunion on opposite sides of the battlefield, motivating Clive to rebel against his oppressors and begin his search for the Dominant of Fire.

While they demonstrate mutual trust from the first moment they have the opportunity to talk after 13 years, and seek to serve as a safe haven for each other, both also have deep scars and demons that they need to face.

Clive and Jill have a deep, patient, and often difficult to communicate relationship. They both mature, and it takes years for them to deal with through their pain and finally feel comfortable taking the first step, and once they do, Final Fantasy XVI ensures that their love remains meaningful until the end, as well as graces us with one of the most beautiful romances in the series.

Squall & Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII)

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Squall and Rinoa's love story is so fundamental to Final Fantasy VIII to the point of being the game's logo, being telegraphed from the intro and even with several narrative and gameplay elements built around them.

In a story where interpersonal relationships, memory, the discovery of intense feelings and the process of dealing with your inner child are key points, Squall and Rinoa symbolize the need to break down barriers to establish bonds.

Final Fantasy VIII seems designed to address love, both in its impulse and its consequences. Its script inspired by Western cinema paves the way to explore a feeling that many young people, the game's target audience at the time, often had difficulty understanding.

And who doesn't love a predestined romance? Squall and Rinoa's stories intertwine before they were even born, and perhaps, if they had never met, the events of Final Fantasy VIII would never have happened and the world would have never been saved, making this one of the most important couples in the series.

Zack & Aerith (Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII)

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Zack and Aerith have one of the best chemistry in gaming from the moment they meet. Together, both are excellent parallels between the Shinra and the reality outside of it in the slums beneath Midgar's massive plates, and their correlation to the corporation makes it all even more conflicting.

Their romance is a captivating and tragic story, which becomes even more complex as Crisis Core and other games in the saga unfold. Meeting Aerith again is the main promise that Zack seeks to fulfill, while his presence and destiny are crucial parts for Aerith to mature, having a permanent space in her life, symbolized by her bond with Cloud and the emblematic ribbon she wears during the entire Final Fantasy VII compilation.


Cloud & Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)

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Romance in Final Fantasy became more objective and more implicit from the late 90s onwards with FFVIII. Previously, most love stories remained in gray territory, except for Cecil and Rosa in Final Fantasy IV.

Childhood friends separated by a tragic event and reunited years later by chance. Cloud and Tifa's story is a fiction classic, but unlike many other romances along these lines, they don't seem designed to be “just” each other's emotional interest.

Final Fantasy VII did an excellent job of deepening this relationship and making players understand how their bond is a few steps beyond friendship. Cloud and Tifa have shared a deep connection for a long time, and their relationship shapes so many remarkable moments in the game that it feels incredibly beautiful to follow.

Cloud & Aerith (Final Fantasy VII Remake)

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The Final Fantasy VII Remake deepened and brought such huge improvements to the interactions and relationships between the characters to the point of making a romance between Cloud and Aerith much more interesting.

Just like Tifa and with an even more enigmatic approach, Cloud and Aerith live in a gray area between romantic interest, friendship and attachment from the past. In the Remake, this line becomes even more blurry when we realize that Aerith appears to know the events of the original game.

This detail makes their interaction in Remake break our hearts, filled with gut-punching dialogues and moments for fans who followed the saga, and the permanent mark that Aerith leaves on Cloud's life as the story unfolds makes us even more apprehensive about all the minutiae and ambiguities of the Remake... And the endless possibilities in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Cloud and Aerith star in a tragic, poetic, well-structured, melancholic and unlikely romance. And, deep down, we all love unlikely love stories.

Tidus & Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

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Final Fantasy X is a game with one of the most beautiful narratives in the series. It is a journey into the unknown, a journey about fighting dogmas and social customs in a dilemma between modernity and tradition, a linear path towards self-sacrifice and the hope of finding other means of solving problems and conflicts, it's a game about feeling lost and wandering into things beyond your control, but also about taking the responsibility to make changes.

In the midst of these dilemmas is Tidus, an apparent traveler from another world who accompanies Yuna on her pilgrimage to bring calm to Spira, a land tormented by a cosmic creature known as “Sin”.

The romance between the two heroes is there from the very start, and several points in the story seem to exist to reinforce the bond between them. Both share a connection that spans generations, through which they can identify and, consequently, learn from each other. Whenever things seem to align for them amid the desolation in Spira, Tidus and Yuna sound like a beacon of hope to the player


This mix of beauty and sacrifice, the price between the sense of duty and love, and the repercussion which led to the first sequel of the franchise make this one of, if not, the most emblematic romance in the series!


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Now, we want to hear from you: which love story from Final Fantasy or from the gaming universe marked you the most? And what other relationship do you believe should be on this list?

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