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Final Fantasy VII: 10 Things we want to see in Remake Part 3

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In this article, we list ten moments, cities, bosses and summons the fans can't wait to see in the third part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy!

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Note: This article contains spoilers for Final Fantasy VII and minor spoilers for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth came out at the end of February for the PlayStation 5, bringing one of the most epic adventures in the series and a a true love letter to its legacylink outside website, deepening the audience's relationship with its characters.

With its end marked by one of the most fateful moments in video game history, fans can't wait for the final episode of the trilogy and the way the story will unfold until its conclusion while revisiting memorable scenes from the original work.


In this article, we list ten moments from Final Fantasy VII that we can't wait to see in high definition graphics in the third part of the Remake project!

Professor Gast's Recordings

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In Final Fantasy VII, right after the end of the first disc, Cloud and his companions head towards the freezing lands in the north. On the way, they pass through a small town near the mountains, known as Icicle, where the creator of the Jenova project, Professor Gast, spent his last days studying the region's phenomena with Ifalna, Aerith's mother.

His studies and Ifalna's accounts of the Cetra, the Planet, and Jenova were videotaped by Professor Gast and left forgotten in Icicle until Cloud and the others rediscover the documents - an optional sequence in FFVII, but one that will certainly become an integrated part of the story in the Remake.

Many details surrounding the world of Final Fantasy VII's past are revealed through these recordings, making it an essential in the game's overall story, and we can't wait to see how these documents and recordings will be presented in the future!

The Northern Crater

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Passing beyond the icy mountains above Icicle, Cloud glimpses one of the most beautiful natural wonders on the planet of Final Fantasy VII - the Northern Crater, a land so abundant with Mako that there is a gigantic flow of Lifestream surrounding it.

Several crucial moments from the original game occur in this region, where we witness one of the biggest plot twists in the history of RPGs, which changes the players' entire perspective on Sephiroth's actions during the game and Cloud's role in his plans.

In addition to the clear visual beauty that modern graphics can provide for this region when we visit it for the first time, the third part of the Remake will have the responsibility of presenting one of the most important moments of its plot in the first chapters of the game, without so much time to build a narrative and suspense around it - Perhaps this lack of time will make the revelations as shocking to audiences as they were to older fans in 1997.

The Battle against Weapons

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While we are introduced to Weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the two creatures we see in the game are just much smaller variants of the Weapons we met in the original game - Monsters so colossal that they make their team look like ants next to them or, in story terms, so large that they are comparable to the size of the Gold Saucer or the Shinra building in Midgar and require a giant cannon to kill them.

In the original work, there are five Weapons: four are based on minerals we find around the world in FFVII Rebirth (Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond) and a fifth is named Ultimate Weapon, and four of them can be faced as bosses - Therefore, there are many doubts as to how Square Enix can bring the epic feeling of these battles to the third episode.


A less uncomfortable option than facing colossal monsters while being small - a notorious problem with Adamantoise from Final Fantasy XV - is to separate the battle with Weapons into multiple stages, with different teams working together to defeat them, similar to as done in one of the most important battles in FFVII Rebirth.

Navigation with the Highwind

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The world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is vast and will be further expanded in the third part, where we will see new regions to the north, in addition to accessing other regions around the planet, such as Wutai, Rocket Town and Mideel.

From a certain point in the story, the party starts to navigate the world with the Highwind, of which we see its splendor and size in Rebirth during the chapters in Junon - the problem is: with what we saw in this game, can you imagine flying that ship around the world without any major complications?

The Highwind's controls may be very similar to those of the Tiny Bronco in Rebirth, this time flying through the skies and crossing large mountains, but its size doesn't seem ideal to make the trip pleasant and/or even intuitive to land at airports or heliports.

It is very likely, therefore, that the Highwind will be used with the same navigation scheme as the Tiny Bronco during the periods when it is still flying, when we select a destination and can follow its journey to it, instead of relying on open navigation around the world, where we can land the ship wherever we want.

Rocket Town and Cid's Past

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Speaking of Highwind, Cid has a personal story left for the third episode: his relationship with Shinra, space travel and Shera - the most controversial point in his development as a character in the original title.

In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud and the others meet Cid in a city called “Rocket Town”, where Shinra's space project was developed. He was the pilot of the rocket that would go into space, but after choosing to save Shera's life instead of allowing it to take off, the space project was canceled as Shinra began to invest its resources in extracting Mako - Cid, then, became an extremely bitter man, who took out his frustrations on a very abusive relationship with Shera, whom he blames for the end of his biggest dream.

The Cid we know in FFVII Rebirth is very different from the one we see in the original game. He is more optimistic, has a soft heart and seems more like an archetypal uncle than a grumpy and abusive man.

Therefore, it is very likely that they will change his story with Shera, as his relationship with her in 1997 is unacceptable by contemporary society standards, making us even more curious about how Rocket Town will be approached in the third episode!

Wutai and the War with Shinra

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Wutai's role has grown over the years since Crisis Core featured its war with Shinra as the backdrop to Zack's military aspirations.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Wutai allied with an Avalanche unit on a mission shared with Yuffie Kisaragi, which leads to the tragic death of her companion, Sonon, and later to her fateful encounter with Cloud and his companions, but its role didn't end and was not limited to being a motivator for this meeting.

At several moments in FFVII Rebirth, we see an emissary from Wutai plotting plans with Rufus while uniting an anti-Shira resistance around the world under the leadership of a mysterious man known as Viceroy Sarruf, and the pieces surrounding this conflict align to make the region one of the most important in the plot of the third part of Remake!

The Midgar Raid

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Perhaps related to the Wutai war in the Remake, the Midgar Raid is a pivotal moment in Final Fantasy VII, where Cloud and the others use parachutes and land on the outskirts of the city to stop Professor Hojo from carrying out another of his megalomaniacal plans.

This sequence is known for giving players the opportunity to revisit Midgar, find new hidden treasures and provide an important conclusion to a story arc, as well as finally offering the opportunity to face Hojo in battle after all the evil he has caused to the world.

The greatest challenge for this sequel is integrating the Midgar map into the game's already massive world, especially if they want to give players the option of revisiting Sector 6 or Wall Market, as done in the original Final Fantasy VII - otherwise, it should follow similar standards to the Temple of the Ancients in FFVII Rebirth.

The Golden Chocobo

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We see different species and colors of Chocobos in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, each one adapted to the flora and terrain of the regions they inhabit, but what if there was a certain Chocobo capable of crossing any terrain and even flying over mountains?

The Golden Chocobo is the final reward for one of the most laborious side quests in the original Final Fantasy VII, and its main function is to reach corners of the map that not even the Highwind can reach since there is no landing area.

As we don't breed these winged creatures in Rebirth, and we already know them for their diversity of colors and abilities, it is likely that the Golden Chocobo will appear in the third episode as a special variant of them, perhaps the last of its race, or even an urban legend among the ranches until Cloud finds it - And if they decide to get rid of Chadley's involvement on producing Summon Materias, it is possible that this winged creature will serve to achieve another of the most anticipated elements for Part 4.

Knights of the Round

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The main reason to get a Golden Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII is to reach and land on Round Island, a small island surrounded by mountains and forests on the edge of the map, where Cloud finds the most powerful summon Materia in the game - Knights of the Round.

Based on the legend of the Knights of the Round Table, this summon involves a group of thirteen warriors attacking together. Given Remake's nature of needing to fight summons to get their Materia, the battle with them has the potential to be one of the most challenging in the game.

Just like other phases of the Combat Simulator, Knights of the Round is likely to turn into a multi-stage battle, where we need to face them in four groups of three until we reach the fifth battle against the largest of them, called Arthur.

Another question surrounding them is how their effect would work in battle, since the creatures remain on the field until they use their special ability - Would we have the help of all the knights, or would only Arthur appear in combat while the others participate in their abilities?

Safer Sephiroth

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Square Enix will save the best for last, and that involves the last boss too! Much of Sephiroth's fame - and his theme song, “One Winged Angel” - comes from the atmosphere that battling his most powerful form gives the player in Final Fantasy VII.

Once started, Safer Sephiroth is a spectacle of visual presentation and challenge by gaming standards in 1997, where we hear the screams of the planet after defeating his first form, and we are soon introduced to a complete change of environment while the villain appears in his splendor by becoming a god.

It is very likely that Safer Sephiroth will return in the last episode of the Remake as part of the final boss sequence, possibly in a separate fight between multiple characters and parties, similar to what can also be done with Weapons - placing the villain in a space where he is as threatening or even stronger than the most powerful creatures the Planet has ever created.


The last episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake will be filled with some of the most important moments in the game's history, and those mentioned in this list are just some of the events and appearances most anticipated by fans.

Some, such as the Lifestream sequence - which we had a small preview on Rebirth - are among the top picks from players for long-awaited moments they want for the third part, and the first two episodes have certainly put some high expectations on such important moments.

This wait, however, will be long: the third part may take as long as its predecessors to be released, and we may wait until FFVII's 30th anniversary in 2027 to have further information about the game.

Thanks for reading!