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Vice City: A closer look on the story of GTA VI's city!

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Grand Theft Auto VI will take us back to Vice City! Discover its secrets, Easter eggs, curiosities and its evolution throughout the franchise. From Tommy Vercetti to future entries, delve into the unique essence of Vice City!

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Welcome to Vice City!

Grand Theft Auto, one of the industry's most iconic game franchises, has led players to explore virtual worlds rich in detail and full of surprises. Among the many fictional cities presented over the years, Vice City stands out as a place that transcends the simple backdrop for the protagonists' adventures.

The game will be the central stage for the new title in the franchise, GTA VI, scheduled for release in 2025. In this article, we will delve into the depths of Vice City, exploring its Easter Eggs, curiosities, production, characters, real-life reference and participation and interaction with the games.


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How did Vice City come about?

The creation of Vice City involved a talented and dedicated team who sought to capture the essence of 80s culture. From the choice of color palette to the vibrant soundtrack, every aspect was meticulously planned. The first game set in the city, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, was developed by Rockstar North and released in October 2002, becoming a milestone in the video game industry.

Vice City isn't just a generic setting; it is a brilliant satire of 80s culture, especially of Miami. From the lush architecture to the sunny beaches, the developers have done a remarkable job of creating a fun, fictional version of a real city. The parody of iconic locations, like Ocean Drive, adds a touch of humor to the experience.

Among the neighborhoods we have known so far in the city, we can mention Starfish Island, a place that has several mansions and imposing houses, being the total opposite of Little Havana and Little Haiti, neighborhoods with more humble and degraded houses.

Vice City is a set of several islands, two of which are the main ones and six are smaller. As a tourist city, it has a shopping mall, a golf course, an international airport, a marina full of luxury yachts and speedboats, but no rail or rapid transport system.

As it is a tropical city, it is common to see its inhabitants wearing light clothes on the street, due to the climate.

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Something that Rockstar does with flying colors is immersing its players in the universes of its games through the assertive choice of its games' soundtrack.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City has nine radio stations, except for its computer and Xbox version, which has an extra radio that allows the player to create their own radio, using songs customized to the game.

The radio stations that we find in Vice City are:

  • Wildstyle — Hip Hop and Electro

  • Flash FM — Pop

  • K-Chat — Interviews

  • Fever 105 — Soul, Disco and R&B

  • V-Rock — Rock, Hard Rock and Metal

  • VCPR — Political Talk Show

  • Radio Espantoso — Latin and Salsa Music

  • Emotion 98.3 — Power Ballads

  • Wave 103 — New Wave, Synthpop

  • MP3 Player (PC) — Player Defined Soundtrack

  • Cassette player (Xbox only) — Player Defined Soundtrack

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    GTA games that take place in Vice City

    Vice City is not an isolated setting in the Grand Theft Auto franchise; it has played crucial roles in several iterations. From its debut in GTA: Vice City to appearances in interconnected stories, the city continues to be a focal point in the franchise's expansive narrative. We'll explore how Vice City connects to other titles and how its presence evolves.

    Its first appearance was in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, this being created by Rockstar North, inspired by Miami. This game is set in 1986, so its entire creation was surrounded by elements characteristic of the time, from series like Miami Vice.


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    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is also set in this city, but 2 years before its predecessor. With this difference in time, we can notice different gangs circulating around the city.

    Despite not being present directly, Vice CIty is a neighboring city to another Rockstar game: Manhunt 2. In this brutal game, banned in several countries, the story takes place in Cottonmouth. In addition to this indirect connection between Vice City and Manhunt 2, there is also a connection between Grand Theft Auto 3 and the first Manhunt, with GTA being set in Liberty City, a city neighboring the area where the events of Manhunt: Carcer City take place.

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    Difference between games

    Despite being set in the same city, we can notice several changes between the games that take place there, among which we can mention the following:

  • The Rockstar pool that appears in Vice City is not present in Vice City Stories.

  • All empires in GTA Vice City Stories are missing in 1986. They are replaced by some empty buildings and land.

  • The building that Victor Vance destroyed in 1984 is missing in 1986

  • The Clymenus Suite, a unique modern-style building (featuring a dock, garage and helipad) exists north of the vendors in Beach Washington, on what would have been a low-rise apartment site in 1986.

  • The hedge mazes that adorn both sides of the Diaz compound in 1986 did not exist in 1984; instead, only a pond is featured in their place on the west wing of the mansion.

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    Located in a tropical climate, Vice City has year-round sunshine with occasional thunderstorms and rain. Just like Miami or any other city in South Florida, the city is also exposed to hurricanes. Will we encounter hurricanes in GTA VI?

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    Easter Eggs in Vice City

    Vice City is known for its countless hidden surprises, or "easter eggs", which provide players with moments of discovery and fun. From references to classic movies to subliminal messages, the city is full of secrets. Here are some that you might encounter on your journey through the city:

  • Village People

    When visiting the Malibu Club, you may notice, on stage, men dancing in clothes similar to those of the Village People group.

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  • Moon that changes size

    When you shoot the moon with a sniper rifle, you may notice that it changes size several times. This effect also occurs in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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  • Apartment 3C

    There is an Easter Egg related to the movie Scarface in the form of a bloody toilet with a chainsaw. Go to Pay N’ Spray in Ocean Beach, then go south and take the first left. On the left, you will see a two-story apartment with access to the second floor via stairs. Going up to the second floor, in apartment 3C.


    If you investigate the bathroom, you will find it covered in blood, with a chainsaw and a suitcase with substances that look like drugs and bottles of drink, suggesting that there was an unsuccessful negotiation in the place.

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    Just like every game that has references to different elements from the 80s, Scarface would not be left out. This place is reminiscent of the scene in the film where Tony Montana is almost killed with a chainsaw in an apartment similar to the one in the game.

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  • “Interesting” pattern of lights

    As you pass by the Malibu Club by helicopter at night, you will find an “interesting” pattern of lights in a large hotel.

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    Curiosities about Vice City

    Throughout the different iterations of Vice City, fascinating curiosities have emerged.

    For example, the choice of names for local radio stations, such as Flash FM and Emotion 98.3, reflects the atmosphere of the 80s, the era in which the game takes place. Additionally, the developers included minute details such as seasonal changes and specific events, making Vice City a dynamic and immersive world.

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was the first game in the GTA franchise without a number, and was therefore considered a Spin-Off. Furthermore, the game was the first to go back in time, that is, unlike its predecessors that took place in the present of their times, Vice City goes back to the 80s, with a plot that takes place in 1986.

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    Memorable Characters

    The protagonists who roam the streets of Vice City play crucial roles in the game's plot. From Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist of GTA: Vice City, to charismatic secondary characters, such as Lance Vance, the city is populated by a gallery of memorable characters. Each contributes to the construction of the unique narrative that defines the game's experience.

    Tommy Vercetti

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    Born in Liberty City in 1951, Tommy is the protagonist of GTA: Vice City. Being a former member of the Forelli family, Tommy Vercetti is released after 15 years in prison. In 1986, he is sent to Vice City to oversee a drug deal. Betrayed during the deal, Tommy begins a journey to reassert his power in the criminal underworld, rising through organized crime and building his empire.

    Sonny Forelli

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    Leader of the Forelli family, Sonny is an ambitious mobster who sends Tommy to Vice City to expand his interests. However, Tommy's betrayal threatens the family's stability and puts Sonny on a collision course with his former protégé, triggering a war for control of crime in Vice City.


    Ricardo Diaz

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    Cuban drug trafficker, Diaz is a criminal tycoon in Vice City. With a volatile personality and immense wealth, he becomes one of the main antagonists. Tommy enters Diaz's world to expand his business, but soon finds himself in conflict with the powerful criminal, triggering a fight for control of the city.

    Victor Vance

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    A former soldier who returns to Vice City after being discharged from the army, Victor Vance is looking for easy money to support his family. Involved in drug trafficking and gang conflict, Victor faces challenges in creating a criminal empire of his own, while dealing with questionable loyalties and betrayals.

    Lance Vance

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    Ambitious and impulsive, Lance Vance is Victor's brother and aspiring drug dealer. Together, the brothers try to conquer the underworld of Vice City. However, greed and betrayal threaten their partnership, sending Lance into a spiral of revenge and confrontation with dangerous figures in the city.

    Marty Jay Williams

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    Leader of a motorcycle gang, Marty Jay Williams is a central antagonist. Manipulative and sadistic, he recruits Victor Vance to carry out dirty tasks. Inevitable confrontations arise when Victor's ambitions collide with Marty's brutality, and a dispute begins for control of illegal activities in Vice City.


    When exploring the intricacies of Vice City, it becomes clear that it goes beyond being just a game environment. With its rich tapestry of Easter eggs, captivating characters, satirized locations and meticulous production, Vice City stands as a centerpiece in the Grand Theft Auto saga.

    As players continue to explore its streets and alleys, it's exciting to consider Vice City's future evolutions and entries into the franchise. This article is just a glimpse of what the city can offer, inviting players to further uncover its secrets and mysteries.

    Next Stop: Grand Theft Auto VI!

    At this point, it's intriguing to speculate about the role Vice City will play in the franchise's next game. What does the future hold for this city so loved by fans? Comment what you hope to find in GTA VI and your experiences with other Rockstar games!