Life is Strange gets Final Fantasy VII Outfit as Pre-Order bonus

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Players who pre-order Life Is Strange: Double Exposure will receive a Final Fantasy VII-themed outfit for Max, inspired by the Moogle from the RPG franchise!

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Square Enix announced this Wednesday, July 3, the pre-order bonuses for Life is Strange: Double Exposure through the franchise's official Instagram.

When pre-ordering, players will receive a pack with five extra outfits for Max Caulfield, including a hat and coat with the design of a Moogle from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Image: Square Enix / Instagram
Image: Square Enix / Instagram

The Moogle from FFVII Rebirth received criticism and caused surprise during the game's launch due to its appearance that resembles a stuffed animal, being more realistic than the more traditional design of one of the most famous mascots in the Final Fantasy franchise.


Image: Square Enix
Image: Square Enix

Life is Strange: Double Exposure will arrive on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5® and PC consoles on October 29, 2024, and will also be released on Nintendo Switch. It brings a brand-new story with Max Caulfield, now a resident photographer at the Caledon University who finds her friend, Safi, dead in the snow. Max tries to go back to save her, but she ends up accidentally opening a portal to an alternative timeline where Safi is still alive and in danger.

Source: Square Enix