LEGO: The 5 Best & Worst Games of the Brand

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The LEGO franchise games marked a generation. In this article, remember the classics that won over fans and others that ended up disappointing the public!

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Countless franchises received a new perspective by receiving LEGO branded games. These titles have already adapted films and offered fans a new experience in that respective universe, be it Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Harry Potter or several others.

Some of these games were acclaimed by fans and critics, while others were huge disappointments to the public, or did not meet players' expectations.

Check out, in this article, the five best and worst games from the LEGO brand!

Ranking Criteria

For our ranking, we will use the game's User Score on Metacritic, the largest review aggregator from critics and players, based on data from January 2024.


We also excluded from the list LEGO games released only for iPhone and iPad or a portable console such as PlayStation Vita or 3DS, as the focus of the article will be games that have embraced both console and PC audiences.

The Five Best LEGO Games

5 - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (2012)

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We start the list with the classic LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, with a score of 7.9 given by Metacritic users.

The title stands out for introducing a huge range of Marvel superheroes and villains to LEGO experiences, as well as a great plot and battles. Its exploration and world also stood out and pleased players and specialized critics.

4 - LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (2022)

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The most recent game on this list, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga features all ohe franchise's trilogies and achieved a User Score of 8.0, winning over fans.

Its biggest highlight is allowing players to choose which trilogy to start with, starting the gameplay in the first episode of the first trilogy (I, II and III), or the second (IV, V and VI) or the initial episode of the third trilogy (VII, VIII and IX).

Thus, the public felt much more immersed in the adaptation, as they could follow the order in which they watched the movies: chronological (starting with I), release (starting with IV) or even innovate by starting the game by episode VII.

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Other reports also state the great evolution in graphics and good fidelity to the Star Wars universe.

3 - LEGO The Lord of the Rings (2012)

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LEGO The Lord of the Rings is highly praised for its incredible narrative, which brings the Lord of the Rings universe in a light and fun way, managing to introduce younger audiences to the film, but with easter eggs to captivate its fans, receiving a rating of 8.1!

2 - LEGO City Undercover (2013)

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With a different approach to most of the brand's other games, LEGO City Undercover brings a more realistic approach, not based on fictional universes with superpowers.

The player participates in a police adventure, and their duty is to fight crimes and solve mysteries in the city. It was quite a success for LEGO, totaling an average of 8.2 in user reviews.

1 - LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (2007)

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Another game in the Star Wars franchise is the title best rated by players, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga received a score of 8.4!

This game marked the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 generation, being very faithful to the first two trilogies in the series, as the title featured the games LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game (Episodes I, II and III) and LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (Episodes IV, V and VI).


Honorable Mentions

Below are some of the games that stood out to me, but didn't make the Top 5 in the criteria used.

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LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (2012) brings the same positive points as Marvel Super Heroes, as it offers a good story and open world for exploration, as well as epic battles with classic villains from this universe.

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A good part of young people got to know and introduce themselves to the world of Indiana Jones through the game LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (2008), which adapts the first three films in the franchise, leaving the theme of superpowers and going on a journey at archaeological expeditions.

Unfortunately, its successor (LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventures Continues) didn't have as good a reception, but we can't forget how excellent the primary title in the series was.

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It is also worth highlighting the innovation of LEGO Dimensions in bringing physical toys to the virtual world. It was possible to purchase LEGO kits, where characters could be connected to the console through a physical port, making them appear in the game. However, the game didn't gain much popularity due to its high cost.

The Five Worst LEGO Games

We will now look at the titles that disappointed players, whether due to their story, gameplay or other reasons.

5 - LEGO Worlds (2017)

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LEGO Worlds revolutionized this market a little, the game takes place on an island, where players must carry out missions and build items freely instead of passing levels. However, TT Games was unable to achieve this goal with a simple game, featuring complex mechanics and a lack of direction, which alienated players. Thus, users gave the title a 6.3 rating.

4 - The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game (2017)

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Despite its fidelity, The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game is one of the most repetitive of the LEGO brand when it comes to missions, in addition to low innovation in battles, receiving negative reviews that guaranteed it a 5.9 score.

3 - LEGO The Incredibles (2018)

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LEGO The Incredibles is the definition of an average game, which didn't innovate much, but it can be a good measure as it is a very well-known universe suitable for families. As a result, it received a score of 5.4.

2 - LEGO Brawls (2022)

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A multiplayer battle game that brought a different premise, but did not win over players. LEGO Brawls is criticized for having a terrible progression system, without providing a real challenge to users, in addition to not offering many game modes, making it more tiring. Thus, the title has a rating 4.8.


1 - The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame (2019)

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The public uses the same argument to criticize The LEGO Movie 2, considered the worst LEGO game! Basically, its gameplay is repetitive and doesn't bring new mechanics compared to its predecessor.

But this game went further and presented serious design and graphics engine flaws, with a high drop in frames, receiving the worst user score on the site, with 3.4.

Honorable Mentions

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LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventures Continues had a duty to at least maintain the quality of its predecessor, but it was a huge disappointment.

Are there any other LEGOs that you've been disappointed with? Leave it below in the comments.


The LEGO game formula has remained the same for years, creating an uncomfortable and repetitive feeling in the most recent games. Even though they are still very faithful to the stories, they do not meet the expectations of new generations, which results in a low ranking.

It is notable that titles between 2007 and 2013 had a better reception than those released after 2016, with a few exceptions, such as *LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, from 2022.

TT Games tried to innovate with LEGO Worlds and LEGO Brawls, for example, but got the dose of complexity and premises wrong. Although we had (perhaps) a recent agreement with LEGO Fortnite, which is still very new for us to think about its future and public acceptance.

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Thank you for your attention, I hope you enjoyed it and remembered the golden age of LEGO. Don't forget to leave in the comments which were your favorite games from the brand and which ones disappointed you!