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Guide: How to Platinum (do 100%) Your Games

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One of the factors that most motivate players with new titles is completing achievements and achieving the Platinum they dream of! See, today, how to reach 100% in your favorite games!

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Achievements are a great way to engage the community, making them look for Easter eggs, explore the world, and even replay a title's campaign, just to experience that feeling of doing 100% in a game that you enjoyed so much. .

All of this also makes you value your own money more, spending $70 on a title to play a thirty-hour story and never playing it again isn't great. Going after a platinum, or 1000G (on Xbox), will generate double or triple the entertainment with that same investment.

Knowing that this is highly sought after by most fans, we, at Um Gamer, have brought a selection of tips to help you with this goal!


First Preparations

Before even opening the game, you should write down some information about the achievements.

Difficulty Trophies

Some titles have achievements with the following text: “Complete the main campaign on medium difficulty or higher”. In some cases, just on hard difficulty, this varies.

See this example from The Witcher 3, finishing the game on “Blood and Broken Bones!” will give you a trophy, but if you play in “Death March!” you will achieve the previous one and another, avoiding the need to “replay” the entire campaign twice.

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It is essential to analyze this aspect, as playing the entire main part on easy or normal difficulty, and then needing to redo everything on hard to receive an achievement can be very frustrating and demotivating.

Missable Trophies

This topic depends on whether you are willing to take spoilers.

If spoilers don't bother you, I recommend analyzing the trophies that can be lost in the campaign. Generally, these achievements are only unlocked by making a specific choice in a dialogue, which interferes with the unfolding, or even the end, of the story.

Write down these achievements in chronological order, and pay close attention to each dialogue option or change the direction of your journey, check if it is the moment that will bring you the trophy, so as not to lose it. If you prefer, I use this sitelink outside website as a guide to the missable trophies.

Knowing this before starting will save you many hours of gameplay, often preventing you from doing the main quests again just to recover an achievement lost due to a decision. But don't do this if you prefer to experience the story without spoilers.


You've played the main story on the required difficulty and acquired the missable achievements, now your focus will be on the collectibles.

A good tip is to search for “Interactive Map ” in your browser, there are several websites that cover this kind of content. Basically, you will see all the locations in the game, with the option to filter by collectible or side quests. See this example for Diablo IV.

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See which collectibles are important to platinum the game and filter by them on the map.


I can say that in most games, online achievements are the most challenging. Not only do we depend on other people, but the trophy description often states that that situation needs to be done in a ranked game to be counted, that is, in a competitive environment where no one wants to lose.

See this example in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, where it is necessary to do the condition in ranked matches, it does not count if you achieve this in a personalized room with your friend.

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Read the description, and if it didn't say that the achievement needs to be done in ranked matches, as we saw in the Rainbow Six example, try doing it in a personalized match with your friend, or against AI.


For example, in Rocket League, most trophies can be won in non-valid matches, against friends or bots.

Apart from these situations, unfortunately it is not possible to provide more tips on online trophies, if it is necessary to play valid matches, focus on that objective and, eventually, you will achieve it.

Games impossible to obtain the Platinum trophy

I would like to make an observation here, unfortunately it is becoming common for companies close their servers for a specific title, limiting the content to single player only, without the possibility of playing online.

And most of these games have online achievements, which today have become impossible to achieve. So pay attention to this point so as not to choose a game whose online services make it impossible to reach 100%.

Don’t be ashamed to “ask for help”

I see many users wanting to reduce the platinum of people who search for guides or interactive maps on the internet, but I strongly advise ignoring these opinions.

It is completely normal to search for the location of collectibles, looking for them blindly is not synonymous of having more skill. Instead, the player will just waste more time - and at the end of the day, searching for platinum should be a way to get more out of the purchased game, not a stressful torture.


I hope this article helped you on your journey to platinum! I'm available in the comments for any questions.

Thanks for reading!