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Dota 2: Taking Down Towers in Less Than One Minute!

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Dota is a MOBA where strategy is essential to winning matches. In this article, we share a strategy that has existed in the game for a long time, but that changes as the Metagame does!

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translated by Meline Hoch

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The Concept of Pushing and Lane

The Lane Phase, the stage of the game consisting of the opening minutes while the level 1 towers are standing, is a determining stage in the farm and game development for both teams. It’s currently that the Carries will seek to accumulate as many resources as possible and close their key items, the Offlaners will disrupt the carries and try to advance territory and the Mid will rotate around the map helping the other two lanes while fighting the enemy Mid.

Pushing is the process of advancing your side's lane, pulling as many creeps as possible to eliminate enemy creep waves and take down their towers. In Dota there is even a ¨type” of heroes who are excellent at Pushing, sometimes exclusively so, like Furion, who is a sensational hero in many ways, but whose greatest potential is to travel the entire map with ease and advance lanes to knock down towers and enter enemy territory. Necrophos, Leshrac and Broodmother are also great pushers.


In the game, there is a Turbo Pusher strategy, where you and/or your team focus on advancing the lanes as quickly as possible. After all, taking down the towers and destroying the enemy base is the ultimate goal of the game. There are several heroes that you can combine to try a Turbo Pusher strategy, but in this article I will present the configuration that I currently like the most, as well as a detailed explanation of how and why to use this specific team comp.

Turbo Pusher for Dota 7.36c

The main objective in this strategy is to knock down the level 1 tower where the Hard Carry will be as soon as the game starts and the trumpet that signals the first wave of creeps sounds so that the HC will be exposed and will have much more difficulty to farm in the first few seconds of the game. Taking down this tower is crucial to developing the strategy. Even if the team fails to take it down in minute 0, the pair of offlaners must continue pushing.

In the current version of the game, I tested out some configurations and the one I believe to be the most consistent is the one made up of Leshrac, Furion, Lone Druid, Chen and Jakiro.

Keep in mind that to be able to carry out this strategy, you need to fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • Be in a closed team, preferably with friends you can talk to and with whom you are usually playing together;

  • Choose a hero that you know how to play and ensure that your teammates are on the same page;

  • Check at the time of pick whether all the necessary heroes are available and only after making sure that they are, the team can start picking.

  • If one of the heroes is banned, the ideal is to abandon the plan, but there are some options who can replace certain characters, such as Enigma, Abaddon or Pugna. However, in this article, I will only detail the configuration suggested above.


    The hero who will act as Pos 3, being an excellent nuker, is a good choice to deal with the enemy carry after executing the initial plan. His Diabolic Edict ability deals damage to enemy units and buildings, being able to target the tower and accelerate the push on top of the level 1 tower in minute 0.

    Diabolic Edict
    Diabolic Edict


    As position 4 support, Jakiro is the best option, as his skills add a lot to the position. Additionally, his Liquid Fire facet adds damage and fire to your attacks, reducing the attack speed of enemies, including the tower.

    Liquid Fire
    Liquid Fire


    Furion will act as a mid in the match, his natural position. His Sprout and Teleportation skills allow him to easily ambush enemies at any moment in the match, which makes him very efficient. Nature’s Call can transform trees in a certain area into minions who will obey Furion’s commands and will be useful in the initial seconds to take down the level 1 tower in the safe lane.


    Nature’s Call
    Nature’s Call


    Chen will be the team's support, using his healing skills to help the carry and his ability to cast a minion is very useful in executing the initial plan, since his minion will not only tank the tower but will also grant attack bonuses to allies (requires you choose the Hellbear Convert facet).

    Hellbear Convert
    Hellbear Convert

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    Lone Druid

    Lone is the carry. Able to summon a powerful bear that can be equipped with items, getting stronger as the game progresses and serving as another unit that will help take down the tower in the opening seconds.

    Spirit Bear
    Spirit Bear

    Executing the Plan

    Once the heroes have been selected and the right abilities have been enabled, the entire team must immediately move to the enemy safe lane tower’s location (which will be either on bot or top, depending on whether your team's faction is Dire or Radiant). Make sure that the team does not approach the tower, so as not to reveal their location on the mini map, and wait until the trumpet that signals the departure of the creeps to start the joint attack.

    Positioning for Pushing in Minute 0
    Positioning for Pushing in Minute 0

    Chen's Hellbear and Lone Druid's Spirit Bear should move ahead of the attack group to tank the tower's damage. Hellbear will buff the team's attack speed. Furion's minion trees should go right after the bears, while Leshrac activates his Diabolic Edict to maximize damage and Jakiro attacks with Liquid Fire active to slow down the tower.

    If the plan is followed correctly, the tower should fall between 15 and 20 seconds into the game. Considering the enemy team's reaction time and TP cooldown time, they will most likely not be able to intercept the pushing in time to prevent the tower from being destroyed.

    In most of the tests I did, opponents ended up not really knowing what to do due to the surprise of seeing this strategy in action. Of course, enemies can move quickly to defend the tower and this has a higher chance of happening when the opponents are experienced players with a high rank, but the element of surprise and your team's coordination have a great chance of making a difference and destroying the enemy tower in 15 seconds.

    With the tower destroyed, the enemy HC will be either forced back or to advance and expose themselves too much to be able to farm. Leshrac and Jakiro will take on the role of making this farm even more difficult, keeping the lane back as much as possible and bombarding the carry and their support.

    The mid may end up being forced to rotate to help the weakened lane, and this is when Furion will act to take advantage. Even if the mid decides not to rotate and the enemy HC tries to farm in the jungle (which is a terrible decision that can make a bad situation worse), Furion is fully capable of rotating around the map as soon as he enables his Teleportation to ambush the already destabilized team. With the advantage increasing and the carry neutralized, Offlaners can move freely through the Twin Gates and ambush the other lane.


    As soon as the opportunity arises, the team must take down the other towers and continue advancing through enemy territory until opening up the way into the base and destroying the crystal. At this point, Lone Druid should become strong enough to massacre the opposing team.


  • Before implementing this strategy, the team will need to be well synchronized and trained, in addition to each one having a good understanding of their function and part in the plan.

  • The aforementioned skills are essential for executing the strategy and must be enabled from the beginning of the game, as well as the required facets.

  • The team must be prepared to engage in combat with the enemy if the tower is defended, and must do so in the best possible way. If you feel it is risky, you should step back and reorganize.

  • If the push fails initially, the tower will still have received significant damage that will place your team ahead, and this must be exploited.

  • Be always alert and ensure you have a clear view of the map to avoid enemy countermeasures.

    Wrapping Up

    Pushing is one of the most efficient strategies for finishing games in Dota 2 and dedicating the team to carrying out this strategy while being able to complete the other tasks is really fun. It is an approach that requires a lot of coordination, which is why it should only be done in a closed team who have previously prepared well to follow this plan.

    Here I finish another article. Leave your comments, suggestions, criticisms and/or compliments and I will try to respond to them all. Thanks for reading, and see you next time.