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Dota 2: Reviewing the Main Changes on Patch 7.36

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Dota received a new update bringing new mechanics that completely change the Metagame, in addition to gameplay changes. In today's article, we cover the main changes in this new Patch and how they can impact the game!

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translated by Meline Hoch

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revised by Romeu

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Dota is a game that is constantly improving itself and changing. Typically, updates change aspects that serve to balance the game, but there are also more drastic changes, just like happened in the most recent update.

Patch 7.36 brought numerous changes to the game that completely changed how Dota was being played and promises to provide a new experience, familiar but still very different.

In today's article, we cover the new update and the main changes made to the MOBA.

General Changes


Among its many changes, Patch 7.36 rebalanced several items and heroes, but also modified an aspect that made matches a bit slow, the Glyph of Fortification.

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Before the update, it was possible to use the glyph that made towers and tents invulnerable for a certain period twice in a row, the first to protect the level 3 tower and the second once the first level 3 tower was destroyed, allowing you to break the enemy team's advances, which made it difficult to finish games.

Another important change is regarding the denial of heroes. Denying an allied hero is an important game mechanic that can be explored very well, just like denying creeps. Before the patch, denied heroes did not grant experience or gold, but this was changed, and they now grant experience to the hero who applied the effect and made the denial possible.

An important change, this time more specific for Anti-Mage lovers, is that now the mana bars will always be visible, which makes it easier to monitor the mana of allies and enemies throughout the game.

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Also regarding ending games, Roshan's item, Roshan's Banner, has been reformulated and now provides invulnerability to creature units within its range, which changes the end of the game, just like the change to the fortification glyph.

Innate Abilities and Hero Facets

Innate Abilities

One of the most impactful changes was the introduction of Innate Abilities.

Each hero has an ability that becomes available for use from the beginning of the game and provides unique effects. Some heroes receive upgrades to existing abilities, others receive an entirely new one. These abilities do not need to be improved, and the mechanics itself is very similar to something that exists in League of Legends.

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The Innate Abilities which have caught most attention so far are:

Undying - Ceaseless Dirge

When the Undying dies, it is reborn in the fountain shortly afterward. It starts the game in between uses and has a cooldown of 480 seconds.

This ability is very useful considering his ability Tombstone, which, when improved by talents, allows it to be activated upon death. This way, the Undying can conjure multiple tombstones, respawning with the innate one and returning to combat immediately through a TP.

Phantom Assassin - Immaterial

AP starts the game with 15% passive dodge, which will increase by 1.5% for each hero level acquired. Her level 3 ability (Obfuscate) no longer grants dodge. However, now AP can gain up to 30% dodge even at level 10 thanks to its innate. With a dodge item, like Butterfly, she becomes almost impossible to hit, requiring the use of Monkey King Bar to have a chance against her.

Dark Willow - Pixie Dust

Whenever an ability makes Dark Willow immune to targets, she gains 100% health and mana regeneration while in that state. Items that make her invulnerable, such as Ghost Scepter, also enable her passive.


Willow is now practically a Tank with the right build thanks to this innate ability and, depending on the items, can even act as a Carry.

Chaos Knight - Reins of Chaos

Whenever Chaos Knight illusions are summoned, there is a 50% chance that an additional illusion will be summoned. So, whenever items or abilities that create illusions are used by CK, there is a good chance of an extra illusion being created, this makes for some very interesting game situations for this hero. It is worth noting that Aghanim’s Shard allows CK’s Chaos Bolt to create an illusion and can combo with the innate ability.

Shadow Shaman - Fowl Play

When taking lethal damage, a powerful dispel is applied to Shadow Shaman, and he survives as a chicken with 1 health. Damage taken is reduced to zero for 0.75 seconds. With this ability, the Shaman starts the game with a simpler version of Aeon Disk, which can be very useful in decisive moments.

Dawnbreaker - Break of Dawn

Whenever the sun rises, Dawnbreaker reveals the map to her allies for five seconds.

This may seem simple, but it provides a critical resource in Dota: information. Map visibility is one of the most important factors in the game and can change entire matches. A team with vision has greater possibilities of controlling the jungle and ambushing the enemy team. Dawnbreaker's new innate promises to play with this resource and can be very advantageous if used well.


Facets are a mechanic that can completely modify how certain heroes work and how their abilities can be used in the game. Each hero has at least two facets, and you must choose yours on the selection screen. You will only be able to see the facet choices of other heroes when the game starts, and this can provide very unpredictable combinations and game dynamics.

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To exemplify how this new mechanic works, here are some examples:

Anti-Mage - Mana Thirst

Anti-Mage gains additional damage when his enemies are below 60% mana. The less mana, the greater the damage. If the enemy has less than 15% mana, AM will have true vision of that enemy, in addition to causing maximum damage.

This ability works practically the same way as Bloodseeker's Thirst, but adapted for AM. It is worth highlighting again that, in Patch 7.36, the heroes' mana bar is always visible, which makes it easier for the Anti-Mage to control and use this facet.

Crystal Maiden - Cold Comfort

Crystal's abilities regenerate her allies' mana. Crystal's Arcane Aura is enhanced, and her abilities regenerate mana equal to their use cost. This facet makes Crystal an even more efficient support.

Venomancer - Plague Carrier

Allows the Venomancer to attach his Plague Ward to allies, making them mobile and accompanying the team's heroes.

Sniper - Ghillie Suit

While Take Aim is activated, the Sniper's attacks do not reveal him in fog of war. This allows the hero to act as a true elite sniper and combine the use of this facet with items like Silver Edge and Blink Dagger to sneak around the map and stealthily assassinate enemies.


Faceless Void - Time Zone

Replaces Void's Chronosphere with the new ult, Time Zone, which creates an area which alters the movement of everything within it. Projectiles, attacks and rotation rate of all enemy units have reduced speeds and the opposite occurs for allies, who gain movement speed. Enemies are trapped in the Time Zone for the duration of the ability.


The new mechanics bring a breath of fresh air to the game and provide new strategies that will change the Dota Metagame. All that’s left for us now is to wait for the next few weeks to see what else needs to be balanced and adjusted to determine whether the change was, in fact, positive or not.

I conclude another article here. Leave your suggestions, criticisms and questions in the comments section and I will respond to them all.

See you next time.