Review: Brothers a Tale of Two Sons Remake - A Renewed Classic!

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An award-winning classic returns renewed with new graphics and small updates. Find out everything about Brothers a Tale of Two Sons Remake!

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Developed with Unreal Engine 3 by Starbreeze Studios, published by 505 Games and released in 2013 for several platforms at the time and being ported to the most current ones, Brothers a Tale of Two Sons was the first game directed by Josef Fares, who eventually created two other successful games: A Way Out and It Takes Two, the latter of which even won the Game of The Year at The Game Awards in 2021.


On February 28, 2024, a remake version of the game was released, completely redone with Unreal Engine 5 and featuring renewed and beautiful graphics, maintaining all its originality and gameplay with some extra details.

Check out everything about this classic and details about the remastered version now. The game was tested for this review on PC and its original version was replayed on Nintendo Switch.

A different way of telling a story

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The game tells the story of two brothers who lost their mother and are at risk of also losing their father to a disease that can only be cured with the use of a magical liquid, found in a mystical tree. Determined to save their father, they go on a journey solving puzzles, making friends and helping other beings in this fantastic world.

Unlike other games, Brothers tells the story only with sounds and the characters' expressions, with them using a language created by the director, which has Arabic origins, so some words can be understood by people fluent in that language.

Through the intonation of words and the way the characters gesture, the language makes anyone understand what they want to say or tell, making the narrative engaging and captivating.


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In addition to its narrative, the gameplay also innovates and provides an interesting experience for up to two players.

Controlling the older brother with the trigger and left analog stick (L2 and L3) and the trigger and right analog stick with the younger brother (R2 and R3) we have the challenge of controlling both characters at the same time, and in this way solving the puzzles and defeating some bosses.

We have different abilities between the brothers. The older one is stronger and can interact with heavier objects and even remove parts from certain objects, on the other hand, the younger brother cannot swim (which makes him depend on the older brother to move around in the water) but he can pass through narrow bars.

It is possible to interact with different objects and NPCs throughout the game, and each brother will have a different reaction. Furthermore, it is possible to complete some sidequests that will only be found if the player searches the entire scenario and interacts with the NPCs spread throughout the game.

The camera is controlled via the shoulder buttons (L1 and R1), but as a game design, it moves at various times alone, always keeping the younger brother on the right side and the older one on the left side, which, from a development perspective, makes it easier for the player to better interpret the control commands with what they see on the screen.

In a first play through, the player or players can take between 3 and 4 hours at most to finish the campaign. After learning about the challenges, shorter routes and how to defeat the bosses, this time drops to a maximum of 2 hours.


Differences between the Original and Remake

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The graphical leap from its original 2013 version to the current one, more than a decade later, remade in Unreal Engine 5, is notable. New visual elements thanks to HDR, with two modes being available, one with darker colors and the other with vivid tones.

The graphic models of characters and NPCs have been improved, the hair makes it clear to see the difference, with each strand being rendered in the new version. Some NPCs and even important characters were renewed, causing more impact to certain parts of the game's narrative.

The gameplay remains identical to the original, with small additions in some parts. An example is in chapter 1, where we must run away from a dog. In the remake version, new elements in the scenery were added to make this part a little more difficult, giving more life to the environment.

The cinematics received slight modifications, but nothing that changes the narrative. They further intensify dramatic moments or emphasize other situations in which the player will face a new challenge.

Extra Contents

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Just like the original game, the Remake contains an option with extra content relating to the development. In the 2013 version, we found handmade art by the developer to serve as a basis for creating the level design and other elements of the game. In addition, we also have a session for the soundtrack and a video lasting approximately 55 minutes with the creator commenting on the development and details of each chapter that may have gone unnoticed throughout the game.

In the remake, unfortunately, we don't have the option to enjoy the soundtrack, we only have one session to see the new arts that served as the basis for creating the new models and adaptations, in addition to the same commentary video by Josef Fares present in the first game, with no subtitles.

In addition to the graphical innovations and options related to video (including the graphical quality and performance mode, guaranteeing 60 fps on consoles), the Remake has accessibility tools, making the game easier at some points, such as silhouettes of where the characters are when there is an object or wall in front of them, highlighting on interactive objects and image filters for people with protanopia or another type of color blindness.

Gaming Experience and Performance

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The game was played by us in two ways: the Remake in co-op using two controllers, and the Original in solo mode. They are extremely different experiences.

While playing in cooperative mode, the game focuses exclusively on the narrative, the challenges presented become simple and can even be considered effortless for more experienced players.

On the other hand, being played solo, controlling both brothers, even knowing the game, the challenges become much more fun due to the coordination required from the player to control the camera, position, and take turns between the triggers.


In the PC version, we only had an FPS drop in chapter 1 in some parts of the city, with the game running with all its settings at the highest and a resolution of 1920x1080. Other users on Steam claimed more FPS drops throughout the game, but I deduce that they involve external factors and not exactly related to the game itself.

For those who like achievements, Brothers has a basic and simple list to complete, with just 14 achievements and an extra trophy on the PlayStation, guaranteeing an easy platinum trophy for users of the Sony platform.

The machine where the game was run is a seventh generation Intel i5, 16GB of Ram, 6GB GTX 1060 video card and with the game installed on an SSD. With this, it is possible to have a basis whether the game will run well on your computer or not.


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Brothers a Tale of Two Sons is basically a classic and should be played by everyone looking for a unique experience and an engaging story. With its narrative form, it manages to captivate both young and old players.

The Remake honors the first game and maintains all the essence present in the game. Some scenes were remade and made what was already striking even more intense and even, in some moments, darker and heavier. At the beginning of the game, we are even warned about possible triggers the game may generate due to the themes covered.

It is a tribute to the original game for fans, being an almost obligatory gaming option. For those who played the first one, but already had fun and just want to check out the remake, I recommend waiting for a promotion before buying it, as the replay factor and game duration are low. If you've never played, you can start straight with the Remake and you won't regret it!

I give the game an 8/10 rating. Its narrative was not changed. However, it had additions of details which made it even more memorable and striking. The gameplay remains fun, being mainly played solo. The graphics are beautiful and show a little of what the next games made with Unreal Engine 5 can generate. And finally, for those who want to work in the industry, watching the video commented by the game's writer and director can give you excellent tips and insights into how to produce and create your own game.

Did you like the information about the Brothers a Tale of Two Sons Remake? Have you already played the first game and do you plan to play this Remake? Leave your impressions, and we will respond to them!

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