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Dota 2: Build Guide for Faceless Void

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In today's article, we'll discuss another hero build, this time Faceless Void, one of the most important Hard Carries at the moment!

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translated by Meline Hoch

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revised by Romeu

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About the Character

“From a place beyond time, and time beyond counting.”

- Faceless Void

Darkterror, the Faceless Void, is an extradimensional being who exists outside of time itself. Time doesn’t affect them and is nothing more than a tool for the Void, manipulating and bending it to confuse and manipulate their enemies. Void came to this dimension to fight for the Nemesis Stones and has traveled throughout the cosmos gathering vast knowledge to be used in combat against the enemies.

Basic Attributes
Basic Attributes



Void is a hero whose primary attribute is agility and their attacks are short ranged, melee combat style. It’s a hero who works very well as a hard carry and who can put a lot of pressure on the lane even in the first minutes into the game. Their abilities are all about their time-bending powers.

Time Walk

Time Walk allows Void to jump through the space-time continuum, undoing any damage received in the last two seconds. It can be used to gank enemies or escape from them and can be improved using Aghanim’s Shard and Scepter, allowing you to make use of a reverse version of this ability and apply Time Lock in all the units close to the landing point.

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Time Dilation

Time Dilation imprisons nearby enemies in a time dilation for a set amount of time, raising the cooldown time for these enemies’ abilities and slowing down their movement and attack speed, on top of causing additional damage. This skill is very useful against more problematic Offlaners such as Slardar or Axe, who usually play quite well against most carries.

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Time Lock

A passive ability which gives Void a chance to freeze the enemy in time with their attacks and securing an additional attack.

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Reverse Time Walk

Set up through Aghanim’s Shard, allows you to revert Time Walk seconds after jumping in time without losing the Time Walk effects.

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Conjures up a time sphere which imprisons all enemies inside its area, making them stuck in time and affecting the cooldown in their abilities and items. Invisible enemies stuck in the sphere are revealed and affected in the same way. Only Void and units controlled by him can move freely inside the affected area. Void moves a lot faster inside the sphere.

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Build for Faceless Void

Void is a hero who can switch lanes very well and can farm more aggressively, even when being under attack by enemies. The build I use focuses on guaranteeing attack speed and life sustain to the Void, to make the most of their abilities. It is important to know how to behave with this character and avoid using him outside the safe lane, where his potential is much greater, as he plays much better in the carry role.

Basic Items

As I've previously shown in my articles about Dota, there are certain items that you will always get at the start of each game according to your function. Tango and Ironwood Branch are basic items to survive the opening minutes. Wraith Band and Power Treads are items that you will need to close in the initial minutes to guarantee extra agility and movement for combat.


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Essential Items

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Maelstrom is an item that works exceptionally well with Void, guaranteeing attack speed, increasing damage per second when several heroes are caught in the sphere and dealing extra damage with lightning that go well with Time Lock. As soon as you can, evolve it into Mjollnir to guarantee the bonuses and be able to use the lightning shield.

Mask of Madness will allow you to steal HP using your attacks and sustain yourself better in battle, in addition to increasing even more your attack speed and improving the Time Lock.

Black King Bar is a must-have item when you’re facing many disables or heroes with powerful magical abilities, and will serve to protect you in the sphere in case enemies outside of it try to hit you or disable you from the outside.

Hand of Midas can replace Mask of Madness in case you need to farm faster, and your lane is under control.

Final Items

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Butterfly and Monkey King Bar are items which interact very well. Fly not only improves your combat attributes (agility, attack speed and damage) but also grants you a dodge that can be very useful for Void and goes well with their Time Dilation. MKB, on the other hand, is Fly's natural counter and the enemy team will most likely need it to fight you. Just as you will feel the need for an MKB if you are facing enemies with a lot of evasion.

Refresher Orb not only grants health and mana regeneration bonuses, it also provides a damage bonus, plus its activation resets the cooldown of all Void’s abilities and items, allowing you to perform Chronosphere twice in a row .

Eye of Skadi is another item that can serve Void very well, granting life, mana and all attributes bonuses, as well as slowing down enemies and cuts their healing. Very useful against heroes with a lot of regeneration.

Nullifier is an essential item for any carry and will be used to nullify your enemies' items and abilities. Allowing you to nullify problematic abilities and items such as Ghost Scepter, Aeon Disk and Satanic, as well as applying a negative effect to the target.

Satanic is the item to survive the late game, when your agility and damage are enough for combat, making sure that you survive longer to massacre enemies without being massacred first.

Disperser and Boots of Travel are also great in the late game. The first granting mana burn and damage and the second allowing you to travel throughout the map faster.

Silver Edge is an item which allows you to become invisible, gaining attack speed and damage, as well as cutting passive abilities and dealing additional damage when attacking while getting out of invisibility.


Optional Items

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There are other items you can build as needed. Whether it be to adapt to a specific matchup or to replace an item in the build, as in the case of Midas. For example: Manta Style is an excellent item if you are not facing a team with many disables or that does not have abilities that specifically require BKB for dispel effects. Additionally, Manta's illusions can walk within the Void's sphere.

Sange and Yasha and Linken’s Sphere are also good items to deal with more specific matchups. Sange and Yasha grant a high agility bonus, while Linken's is perfect against heroes with problematic target abilities.

Tips and Tricks

Chronosphere is a powerful ability that allows you to perform some Rampages in game. However, use it cautiously, since your allies also get trapped in the sphere and this can result in disastrous situations for the team.

Still on the Chronosphere, keep in mind that previously activated abilities continue to work for their activation times inside the sphere and enemies outside it can easily disable you from a distance, such as Lion or Witch Doctor, which can stun Void and remove you from combat, completely disabling your ultimate and even killing you.

An important concept in Dota is the concept of Aggro. In Dota, there will be situations, especially as a Carry, where you will find yourself unable to farm, either because the lane is too advanced or because the enemies won't let you get close to the creeps to farm freely. For a melee hero, like Void, these situations can end up becoming common, especially in the competitive scene.

This is where the concept of Aggro comes in, which is nothing more than the act of “pulling” the creeps towards you. To do this, simply press the A key on the keyboard, which is the target command, and right-click on the enemy hero. When you do this, the enemy creeps will attack you immediately, even if you don't actually attack the enemy hero, just use the target command.


Faceless Void is very versatile and powerful. Being able to initiate combat, chase opponents and even carry out ambushes (gank). All of this while being a hero who farms very well and carries games with ease, just using the right build and strategy.

And I finish another article here. I hope you enjoyed it! Leave your questions, suggestions or criticisms in the comments. See you next time!